Everything you need to know about PowerAD

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about PowerAD.

What is PowerAD?

Nowadays advertisement have different distribution channels and getting more and more innovative from Facebook and Google to Instagram and TikTok. On the other side this only gives the possibility to benefit from this via digital distribution channels.

With the new advances in technology, the opportunities for the development of various marketing campaigns promoting brands are rapidly increasing, as well as paying fewer financial resources than the traditional ways of advertising.

PowerAD comes with the idea to revolutionize and extend the idea of distributing advertisement even via offline possibilities. By this concentrating, the advertisement in certain individuals is distributed and decentralized and gives possibility to regular users to benefit. PowerAD is advertising platform which decentralize the way advertising is distributed to the end users and gives possibilities to a single person to benefit from this. PowerAD is advertising platform who pays people to advertise on their car. It is advertising platform that allows Brands and advertisers to create, manage and scale advertising campaigns on consumer vehicles. PowerAD makes simple & measurable out-of-home advertising solutions for our modern world — We make launching outdoor advertising as easy as posting a Facebook ad. PowerAD has the technology to make buying out-of-home media trackable, easy, and at-scale, by leveraging a pool of outdoor assets on our easy-to-use marketplace platform.

There are several ways to promote the product, and we are just embedding ourselves as the best promotion, which will offer a unique and innovative way of advertising campaigns, original and prickly marketing, and this will be achieved with the development of the Mobile Application PowerAD, which as a kind marketing product will offer everything that is needed for the development and promotion of a brand.

How PowerAD works?

PowerAD pays people to advertise on their car. Our company pays its customers to advertise their car. PowerAD is an advertising platform that allows brands and companies to create and manage advertising campaigns for consumer vehicles. For car owners, PowerAD is the easiest way to earn an extra monthly income while driving with your vehicle and fulfil everyday obligations. A neutral advertising platform that connects drivers and brands to create powerful advertising on vehicles.

PowerAD will deliver campaigns across Europe, starting with Startup companies to Fortune 500 giant brands. We will provide brands and drivers access to powerful real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting. PowerAD will also be the first company in Europe to provide real-time data to brands for this unique medium.

PowerAD is first blockchain advertising platform that allows brands and advertisers to manage and scale advertising campaigns on consumer vehicles through our Mobile apps and real-time tracking system. The PowerAD Difference:

  • PowerAD offers real-time analytics, traceability, and measurability, for unparalleled advertising performance.

With our easy-to-use platform advertisers can:

  • DEFINE their ideal target audiences with the help of predictive data.
  • DESIGN campaigns from a plethora of available outdoor inventory.
  • RETARGET any audience online that is exposed to real-world ads, increasing sales & conversions.
  • MEASURE the performance of omni-channel campaigns in real-time with live analytics and understand attribution and return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • ADAPT a campaign’s location, duration, and audience using geospatial data.

PowerAD is a marketing platform for connecting drivers and brands to create a powerful advertising campaigns on vehicles, through a quality controlled PowerAD platform that is mutually beneficial, creating relationships between authorized car owners and leading companies on the market.

PowerAD is the easiest way to earn extra revenue.

Through its commercial mobile application and technology, PowerAD allows drivers an easy source of additional revenue by announcing their vehicle as a space for advertising.

Brands get security for control and directly measurable results through the web platform. Brands and drivers gain access to powerful GPS platform tracking, analysis and reporting for new campaigns, notifications, statistics, scalability, and promotions supplemented with bonus offers / campaigns.

Economic growth

The more locations/franchises opened that many clients and users in the system. The more users in the system — the more tokens they need.

Currently PowerAD has three franchises running in: North Macedonia, Nigeria, Bulgaria and one to be launched in Tanzania. By the end of 2022 PowerAD will be running more than 20 franchises all around the world and will be available to use in more then 100 cities.

Potential benefits

  • PowerAD is sharing up to 30% of their campaign income with drivers.
  • If client use 10.000 $PAD to run a campaign, up to 30% of the $PAD is allocated to drivers.
  • % of the used $PAD on the platform is moving to burning smart contract.
  • PowerAD Foundation will burn all the tokens that has been used on the platform quarterly until we reach Max supply of 100.000.000 $PAD.

How PowerAD blockchain works?

1. Client is ordering a campaign in PowerAD

2. While payment is done by the client with FIAT money, PowerAD Blockchain is activating the smart contract and the amount paid by the client Is automatically converted into PADCoin with its current market price.

3. Client use PADCoin to complete the campaign request.

4. Once the campaign is Activated by PowerAD and the cars are wrapped, the drivers can start using the Apps to track their commute.

5. Drivers are paid in PADCoin for their performance during the campaign

6. Once campaign finished, the system allocates the earned PADCoin to their account with PADCoin current market price.

7. Drivers can use the PADCoin in various options:

- Hold or Stake the tokens and wait for its price raise

- Trade it on the market exchange with BTC, ETH etc… ( Binance, Probit, Exmarkets etc.. )

- Convert into FIAT money and withdraw to bank

  • Pay for discounted offers on PowerAD marketplace

PADcoin is currently in private sale.

Private sale price $0.10

IEO price $0.25

For more information about Padcoin visit our site.

Interested investor can buy $PAD directly from our site.

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